Fleur Schut


Fleur Schut is working as a Business Consultant for SDL’s Language Technologies Division, after having worked for TRADOS for many years. She has a university background in translation (University of Groningen – Netherlands, and Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et Interprètes in Brussels – Belgium). During her studies, she worked on the creation of a terminology database for the Central Criminal Investigation Service of the Netherlands. At the time, she also carried out a market research on TM systems, comparing Trados Translator’s Workbench with IBM Translation Manager – which shows she’s been in the industry for a while…

Fleur’s experience as a freelance translator provides a real added value when it comes to understanding the daily challenges of any language service provider.

How to make the most of Studio 2014

– How to deal with old (Trados) file formats and TMs
– How to simplify and speed up project creation
– How to facilitate the creation of analysis reports, quotes and invoices
– How to improve quality (QA)
– How to improve your productivity
– How to transform your Excel glossary in a termbase in a matter of seconds
– How to maintain your TMs
– How to improve communication between client, translator and reviewer
– How to work with files prepared in other CAT tools
– How to optimize source files for translation
– How to work with embedded content

Of course everyone can ask questions as well, so we can make it an interactive session.