Richard Brooks


Richard Brooks is the owner and CEO of UK based Language Service Provider K International Ltd. He holds an MBA from Cranfield University and has completed and contributed to numerous educational programmes in Europe, USA and Asia. His academic interests lie around entrepreneurism and international leadership development. He is an experienced professional in the translation industry and a popular speaker. His style is open, honest and with a dry sense of humour he keeps his audiences engaged in the topic.

The business side

The value that the translation industry creates for our clients each year is astronomical, much more in excess of the cost per word model that we all seem to have adopted. Costing each project the same way gives the perception in the market place that there are no differentiating factors between us – the only one left being price, the lowest price wins and we have a race to zero. As a counter to this I will show you the latest management models around developing your value proposition to maximise your share of wallet. I have some real world examples of how we are helping to deliver this in our company with one of our largest customer segments.